Electrical Safety Certificates could become mandatory for all rented residential property !

Are you  a Landlord ?

Are you aware that the Government are considering introducing “Mandatory” Electrical Inspections for Rented Properties ?

You will be required to renew this every 5 years.  Currently it is only “Recommended” that you have an inspection every 5 years.  You will also be required to carry out a “Visual Inspection” of the electrical system each time you change Tenant!

More info:

5-Year Electrical Safety Checks Set for Buy to Let Homes

If you currently do NOT have an Electrical Certificate – maybe you should think about one anyway ?  What will you do if there is a fire, or someone is injured due to an electrical fault ?  What will you say to your Insurance Company ?  “The Law did NOT say I HAD to have one – so it’s not my fault”  – Do you think that will work ?

Get your property Inspected for your piece mind and the safety of your Tenants.  Call Tony Sparks Electrics.  I am registered and Insured to carry out Electrical Inspections on all Properties and issue appropriate Certificates.


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