Hello Everybody – I’m back…

Welcome to Tony Sparks Electrics…

Some of you may remember me as “The Electric Warrior” in the days of another social revolution long before the likes of Facebook..

Many of you will not – but no matter…

The point is – that I am here… and I can sort your home electrical problems.  I am based in Newport, Shropshire, not far from Telford.

I can also help you with your other electronic and IT problems as well – but the main purpose of this website is to bring my Electrical Skills to your attention.

I am fully qualified as a Domestic Installer.  This means that I can tackle all aspects of home electrics

Have you bought an electric (or Hybrid) car ?

Did you know that “just plugging your charge cable through the house window”  (or the Garage) could be dangerous ?  Having spent all that money on a new car, why not consider having a safe, dedicated charging socket fitted on your drive to charge the car ?

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