Do-it-yourself Home Electrics

“Anyone can work on their home electrics…”

However, did you know that all work that you do on your home electrics is now controlled by law?

Every change or modification you make must comply with current building regulations in every respect.  If you do not do this, you could be prosecuted (you could kill someone, which (I guess) would be worse!)

Certain jobs and types of work are “notifiable” to your local Buildings department. These are namely: Any changes in rooms containing bath or shower, new circuits, new consumer unit (fusebox), full rewire.  Any work like this MUST be tested and signed off by a registered competent person and must be certificated to show that it complies with BS 7671.  This certificate must then be sent to Building Control.

Even if you carry out simple non-notifiable jobs in your own home, you are still required to ensure that it is installed, tested and certificated in accordance with BS 7671 (extract from Building regs Part P).  This means correct placement of sockets & switches, correct method of wiring etc. and that it is safe.

Section 3.14 of Part P says: If local authorities find that non-notifiable work is unsafe and non-compliant, they can take enforcement action.

Whenever any electrical work is done (notifiable or not) BS 7671 require a certificate to be raised.  For non notifiable work, a simple “Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate” is fine. (BS 7671: 631.3). This certificate requires that make certain electrical tests – for this you need special (and expensive) equipment.  You also need to understand the technical stuff, so that you can correctly fill in this form.  This certificate does not have to be submitted to anyone, but should be kept for your house records.

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