Got an electric car & saving money on petrol ?

If you have one of these new fangled electric cars (or Hybrids) you will no doubt need to plug it in from “time to time” to recharge it.

Are you aware that “just slinging an extension lead out of the Garage” could be dangerous ?

There is now new legislation on Car Charging Posts for charging Electric cars – this has been added into the latest version of BS7671.  The worry is that if a fault developed and your car was being charged on your drive (from a cable plugged into a socket in your garage for example) it is possible for your car to become live….  You then walk up to it (standing on the ground (the car is on rubber tyres) and you touch the door handle………    I will leave the rest to your imagination.

BS7671 details safety requirements, including possible additional earthing (if required – posts in the ground) and safety disconnect devices that must be manually reset.

Also, the car can draw a lot of power while charging – are you sure the circuit you are plugged into is “up to the job” ?

Having spent all that money on the car – perhaps you should consider spending a little more to ensure that you live long enough to use it!  🙂

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