Mounting the TV on the wall….

Mounting the TV on the wall (Flat screens only!) is now the fashion.

This means running in cables from where they used to go to where the TV now is on the wall.

This means a long video cable (to the Sky box), a long video cable to the DVD player, XBox etc.  A longer power cable, a longer TV aerial cable etc – maybe an internet cable if you TV wants an internet connection (unless using WiFi).

They all have to be connected to the TV – and they all need to look neat.

The neatest way to do this, is to fit self-adhesive white mini-trunking – but it’s a lot of messing about.

If you want network cables, Satellite cables, TV cables etc running around your house, or maybe you want a better WiFi upstairs then call me – I provide “Technical services” as well as just “plain electrics”.

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