Electrical Safety Certificates could become mandatory for all rented residential property !

Are you  a Landlord ?

Are you aware that the Government are considering introducing “Mandatory” Electrical Inspections for Rented Properties ?

You will be required to renew this every 5 years.  Currently it is only “Recommended” that you have an inspection every 5 years.  You will also be required to carry out a “Visual Inspection” of the electrical system each time you change Tenant!

More info:

5-Year Electrical Safety Checks Set for Buy to Let Homes

If you currently do NOT have an Electrical Certificate – maybe you should think about one anyway ?  What will you do if there is a fire, or someone is injured due to an electrical fault ?  What will you say to your Insurance Company ?  “The Law did NOT say I HAD to have one – so it’s not my fault”  – Do you think that will work ?

Get your property Inspected for your piece mind and the safety of your Tenants.  Call Tony Sparks Electrics.  I am registered and Insured to carry out Electrical Inspections on all Properties and issue appropriate Certificates.


One thought on “Electrical Safety Certificates could become mandatory for all rented residential property !”

  1. Electrical Safety Certificate is very important for all residential properties. If your property includes electrical appliances as part of the amenities for tenancy, you are expected to secure and maintain the safe conditions of these appliances, so they won’t cause any danger to the tenant. Fail to do this and you could end up with a costly negligence suit.It is best practice to get appliances tested in order to avoid any danger that could stem from having faulty devices inside a rental property

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