UK Total Maintenance…. What do YOU Think?

I received and email inviting me to apply for an exclusive 12 month “contract” to service 475 rented houses in TF postcode (It would cost me £2200 for this “guaranteed” work). I would be required to carry out PAT Tests, Legionella tests, and Smoke alarm tests. UK Total Maintenance have a fancy Website offering many support services to Landlords… Have a look for their website. “UK Total Maintenance ENG Ltd”

UK Total Maintenance Eng Ltd

I did this, I also found another website (Follow this link!:)

7 thoughts on “UK Total Maintenance…. What do YOU Think?”

  1. Do not touch UK Total Maintenance . They will fleece you of £2200 and will not provide you with any work even though you sign a contract

    1. Sorry I’ve been late in approving this comments – I get a lot of SPAM I have to trash!

      Yes UK Total Maintenance – UK Total Scam! Do NOT touch them – Spread the word!

  2. Do not touch them!!! They stole £2,200 from us. We tried to take them to court but think they have re named as combined home solutions! Thieves

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