UK Total Maintenance…. What do YOU Think?

I received and email inviting me to apply for an exclusive 12 month “contract” to service 475 rented houses in TF postcode (It would cost me £2200 for this “guaranteed” work). I would be required to carry out PAT Tests, Legionella tests, and Smoke alarm tests. UK Total Maintenance have a fancy Website offering many support services to Landlords… Have a look for their website. “UK Total Maintenance ENG Ltd”

UK Total Maintenance Eng Ltd

I did this, I also found another website (Follow this link!:)

23 thoughts on “UK Total Maintenance…. What do YOU Think?”

  1. Do not touch UK Total Maintenance . They will fleece you of £2200 and will not provide you with any work even though you sign a contract

    1. Sorry I’ve been late in approving this comments – I get a lot of SPAM I have to trash!

      Yes UK Total Maintenance – UK Total Scam! Do NOT touch them – Spread the word!

  2. Do not touch them!!! They stole £2,200 from us. We tried to take them to court but think they have re named as combined home solutions! Thieves

  3. I’ve just looked up “UK Total Maintenance” using Google to see if there is anything new on them… and I see from Companies House:

    Company status
    Active — Active proposal to strike off

    So, it looks like they have probably started another company up – I guess with same scam…
    I looked up on the name “Total Maintenance” on Companies House Website… I got 37 matches!

    So from that, I have to say “UK Total Maintenance Limited – NOT to be confused with 36 companies with similar sounding names”….. (many of which no longer exist – but even so…)

    I tried searching for “M***** ******” (listed as Secretary of UK Total Maintenance Ltd) – I found several people by this name – one in Perth (born 1985) – This company is called “UK TMA LTD” – It is in “Real Estate” – and is ALSO waiting to be struck off…. From this company, I found another interesting name “Joshua Mark LAZARUS” – try looking for that name on Companies house – and see what YOU think !

    (not to be confused with persons of the same or similar name)
    I have no idea where all this is going… I’m just adding my 5 penn’eth….

  4. Still on-going.
    I believe they’ve re-named under ‘Nationwide Homeserve’ and rubbing the same scam stay sharp!

  5. Just been approached by same company I think
    Calling themselves Nationwide Homeserve Ltd
    535 properties in FY postcode costing 2250 for first years contract, expected earnings 50-100k in 1st year
    Was about to go ahead, thanks guys you are all the best!!!
    Bloody villains should be jailed!

  6. The accommodation address is a virtual office and they are up to their old tricks with a different name. I have contacted them asking for my money back to which I’m waiting for a reply. Won’t be holding my breathe!

    M******* or M**** **** was the very young director last time but with this one it’s a different name. The same voices when you call them but using different names. There’s still an Alex though. With UK Total Maintenance there was Liam, Steve, William, Greg, Gary, Chris, Jamie, David and Alex. Now there’s a Jonathan!

  7. Update:
    I have just received an email from someone called M****** *******. He says these “scammers” have Stolen His Identity and this is causing him greate problems. If this is true, then it seems nothing bothers them – just ripping people off whichever way they can!

    Giving him the benefit of the doubt – and my Sympathy if this is true – I have removed his name from these posts. I would appreciate it if nobody were to repeat the name on this forum, otherwise I will have to block/delete your post.

  8. Gas engineer scammed for 2250 this year Durham area been in touch with other trades all over the UK why can’t these this bastards be stopped they’ve been reported all over.You re right it’s Nationwide Homeserve Glasgow cheers hope this saves sum more lads Bill.B

  9. Thanks for comments. They have just contacted me about the same contract. They want £2220 as upfront fee. However; thought of checking them before going into this bottomless pot.
    Thanks once again. I am not going to waste my time with these blood thirst money scammers.

  10. I’ve just received the following email:

    Dear Mr Sparks,

    If you recall I contacted yourself respect of my name being brought into this fraud case on your website, and you made the decision to remove my name.

    As much as this is progress, unfortunately I am still receiving problems from this, as my name is still associated with this company therefore I am still receiving very aggressive contact from random people across the country due to your forum.

    I have been contacted of recent from the police and believe arrests have been made and investigations have progressed, but I all I really care about is clearing my name and stopping these horrible messages and contact I am getting. I would greatly appreciate if this forum is removed as I have been advised by the police to contact yourself on this. I do not care if you make other forums regarding what they are doing, but I would like to request that any thing associated with me, Including that company name is taken down, as this has made my life a living hell.

    Kind regards
    <<< . Either this is from a "victim of fraud" or it's not... Either way, this blog is staying active to warn off other victims.

    1. I just checked Companies House again…
      Their Accounts are overdue (Due 15 December 2018). Their Confirmation Statement is also overdue (Due 14 March 2018) and there is an “Active Proposal to Strike off” – However it seems that each year, this is proposed and each year there is an “objection to strike-off” received. It could be that there is “legal action”taking place – I don’t know – I’m not a Lawyer – I am an Electrician and I don’t know how these cases turn…

  11. Hiya…

    Just reading through this thread and I believe our business has been that latest victim of these scumbags posing as ‘UK Maintenance Team’ . We are a fairly new company so naively thought the opportunity couldn’t be passed up to carry out Gas safety checks, legionella checks in our ME Postcode, so after a telephone ‘interview’ with Paul Quinn and contracts read and signed we transferred over £1250 out of £2500 for an admin fee under the pretence that we had 5 new clients to meet within days, and 540 properties to look after over the next 12 months. Surprisingly we have had no proper contact with said company since Monday 23rd March.

    Sorry for the essay… I have exhausted all telephone numbers and emails that I have for them. I have also tried to contact the supposed ‘client’ to absolutely no avail. I mean this could all be a massive coincidence with all this Coronavirus pandemic going on .. but really!?!

    Its really concerning as we have a young family with a new baby due in 4 weeks and we are down £1250 down!! I am going to contact Police Scotland on the advise of trading standards and see what other avenues I can exhaust to try and get our money back.

    Any advice/ help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. No advice I can give other than report to the Police – and then join the queue. I smelled a rat before I gave them money – and then posted this on my site to help others – unfortunately – People often only find this after they have been Scammed. Paul Quinn: I have a feeling that was the guy I spoke to…

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