Adverts that follow you on websites ?

Do you have a problem that when shopping on the internet that you keep getting “pop-ups” showing other shops offering the same or similar goods ? If this is so, you have MALWARE! – You didn’t ask for this software – and you can’t easily get rid of it!
Maybe you like it – I hope so – Because it won’t go away by itself! But it can be killed – but takes some doing.
This is not the same as “Adverts” when you are playing games on your Android – This is GOOGLE following you around because you “gave them permission” – Don’t you remember ? They offered to link your account between your PC Browser (Chrome) and your Android (also from Google)…. The small print said they can hound you as much as they like… You can “REMOVE your Google Account Login from your PC”… However, as long as your Google account is active on your phone (and removing it will limit the use of your phone – no access to “PlayStore” and may other “losses”) Google will STILL hound you on your phone!
Now you can see why Google “Gives away” the Android System to phone manufactures… It’s a major advertising platform for them… Google have blocked “Advert Blockers” from PlayStore and even if you can get one by other means – it won’t work unless you “Root” (Hack) your phone !

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