Screwfix SCAM available to all Participants!

Screwfix SCAM available to all Participants!

For anyone feeling left out by NOT being called by a Scam Call centre in Delhi (See BBC Panorama for more details) Screwfix have come to the rescue with their very own SCAM that many of us can enjoy.

It works like this:

Screwfix send you an Email with a a voucher code for £10 off a £100 pound order – Seems too good to be true??? Well maybe it is…

Here is how the SCAM works…. Say you make a purchase of £170 – for “Collection from Branch” – As you are well over the £100 spend needed – you get a £10 discount. BUT you won’t receive an proper Invoice before you collect. But you WILL receive an email of what you ordered with all prices stated, plus the £10 discount clearly showing just before the Total. Just to make things more confusing – If it happens that just a single Item is “next day in store” – you won’t even receive a proper Invoice until you collect that item 2 days later. If at the time of collection you decide to return an un-opened item valued at (say) £60 that you no longer required (or ordered in error)… How much refund would you expect? (Remember – your total spend is still £110 after deducting what you paid for that item)

Answer: £56.47! – Hello ??? Where has the £3.53 gone????

Answer in Screwfix’s bank account. You see you must be simply too stupid to do the Maths…. When you collect your final item – you can now be given your Invoice. On that you can see that you have NOT received £10 off a £100 order – you have really received 5.88% DISCOUNT off your TOTAL order (% varies depending on your Total Order Value to ensure the £10 discount is maintained) – so when you return your unwanted Item – you should only expect £56.47 back – NOT what you actually paid for it!
I know this is true because Screwfix Head Office explained it to me – apparently I was too STUPID to follow the small text at the bottom of the email with the Voucher Code saying “Terms & Conditions apply” where according to “Head Office” – It is explained that “£10 off” on spend over £100 is really a % discount not £10. However to save you wasting your time reading the small print that the link takes you to… I’ll save you the trouble:

It says NOTHING about the SCAM – NOTHING about “£10 off”, NOTHING about “Discounts” – but it DOES have a link to ANOTHER “Standard Terms & Conditions” page. To be honest, I have not wasted any more time following that link…

I am posting this so ALL can learn about this Screwfix SCAM. As I got the “Bums rush” from Head office I will waste MORE time using the “” address and I will also contact my local Trading Standards Department.

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  1. Screwfix have replied to me and apologised for their accounting error and tell me they have now corrected it and are issuing me a refund. I also know from talking to their call centre that I was not the only one who felt aggrieved.

    I will donate my refund to Charity. It was the principle, not the amount.

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