Dometic Fridge (RM8550) will not work on gas!

My Dometic Fridge would NOT work on Gas! – I could hear the ignition sparking and I could hear the flame light (depending on ambient noise!), but the “Flame Gauge” would not operate. If this does NOT operate, the automatic Flame Protection will turn off the gas!

Operating Normally.

From searching the internet, this would appear to be a Common Problem and people have spent lots of money replacing parts to try to fix this fault… Replacing – Indicator Gauge, Flame Sensor, Gas Jet, Selector Switch etc…

It seems that a common cause of this problem is just a dirty micro-switch mounted on the Selector Switch. To get to this switch, you need to REMOVE the fridge. I don’t believe the micro-switch is available separately from Dometic. Instead you have to buy a complete replacement selector switch and replace the existing one. (Expensive!)

In my case, I found that if I switched between Gas and Battery a few times before lighting the gas this fixed it.

Alternatively, I found that once the gas was lit, if I “wobbled” the knob slightly in the Gas position, the needle would rise/fall depending on how good the contact was. It would appear that you don’t need to achieve the needle in the green – just ensure it operates a bit… This works for me!

If one day this work-around fails to get my Fridge running on Gas, I will remove the Fridge and fit a “bypass” switch to the original wiring of the micro-switch Switch. As I have not pulled by fridge out yet (at least not yet for this fault) I can’t tell you how to bypass the microswitch – but you will have to find this yourself.

Bypassing the micro-switch will NOT cause ANY safety issues as this switch is used to enable the Flame Detection Device. Its purpose would seem to be to prevent running the Flame Detection when you are NOT running on gas – so if you fit a By-pass switch – don’t forget to turn it off when you are NOT running on gas – or you will (eventually???) run your battery down…

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