Bailey Senator Series 6 Water leak around the front lockers down at floor level adjacent to the Bulkhead.

I had this problem when I bought my van at 8 years old. This is a design problem so it’s very likely that others have it too..

The problem is caused by a Water Trap behind the front locker / front bulkhead. Water gets thrown up here from the car when towing in heavy rain…


  1. Treat the affected (and as yet un-affected arear) under the floor with Cuprinol 5 Star. In fact, why not go along the WHOLE of the underside on both outer edges.. See the staining and mould there… it’s getting damp!
  2. Then after a couple of weeks to dry… Spray the area with Waxoyl… Yes that Waxy stuff to stop cars rusting underneath.. NOT Underseal!!!!
  3. Spray into all the nooks and crannies especially behind the bulk head.
  4. Better still – use “brushing” Waxoyl and apply copiously… don’t worry about it running down your arm… it feels horrible, but it will wash off with some detergent – not so easy for your clothes though!
  5. Then a couple of weeks later – put some more Waxoyl on!
  6. I also recommend buying some Universal Mudflaps (Ebay!) for around £12, cut these to fit and fix them just behind the wheels by screwing a wooden batten just behind the wheel arch with the mud flap fixed to it using steel repair strips (B&Q). – and they apply Waxoyl.

I can upload photos of this if you really want!

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