Caravan door lock not working.

My Bailey Senator is fitted with a Hartal “secure” door lock. This takes a special key and costs a “special” price for a replacement lock! This same lock is used on other makes of Van – it’s not exclusive to Bailey.

From looking on the internet many people have problems with this lock.

In my case it was jamming, the key didn’t turn properly and the lock didn’t open properly.

ADVICE: Do NOT use standard WD40 on this lock – the solvent could damage the plastic. Use either Silicon Oil (WD40 Silicon oil seems to be the best I’ve found so far in the Silicon Oil market) or use Grease.

However, in my case, this still didnt’ fix it.

To grease it correctly, you need to take the lock apart. If you are going to do that, you can fix the lock with Shims – assuming that you have the same problem that I did – slop in the mechanism due to being a “crap” (but expensive) lock!

I removed the lock (you have to prise out 4 plastic caps that are hiding the screws to remove it). Then you need to clean the surfaces that you are going to shim with a solvent to remove the grease and oil. (be careful not to melt the plastic).

I cut some shims from some thin sheet metal, and used Expoxy (JB QuickWeld) to fix the shims. I used a piece of wood (see photo) to hold the lock springs back whilst the Epoxy set.

I then greased up and re-fitted the lock. I did this 18 months ago – it’s still working fine.

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