Trumatic Fire Front keeps falling off!

After you have removed your Trumatic fire front (to replace ignition battery for example) you may find that it keeps “falling off” – I have had this problem with the last few caravans I have had…

I tried various fixes – then I read about this idea. I was away in France at the time with limited workshop, tools and parts – however all I needed was in my vans “maintenance box”.

I took a couple of Steel Angle Brackets and sawed them into 4 short pieces of flat steel with 2 holes on each piece. I then drilled holes in the back of the fire front lip end used short bolts to fit the steel brackets. At home I would have used pop-rivets.

Then I refitted the front “correctly” and used woodscrews to fit the front “properly” in place. It doesn’t look like a “stylish” fix – but it has stopped the front continually falling off between sites – and risking breaking the cables to the controls!


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