Truma Caravan Heater Problems

Carver Truma Operation Video

Are you having problems with your Truma Caravan Heater not heating up ?

See this link for a start: 

I was having problems with my heater. NO, I don’t fix caravan heaters – but to help you here is how I fixed mine. If you are lacking heat, by searching the Web, I found that there are several problems that seem to afflict these heaters 1) Relays not working: My model has settings at 500W, 1KW and 2KW. If the relays are faulty, this can reduce the power of the heater. In my case, I tested the power input to the caravan to confirm that all my relays were working correctly, with the caravan taking the correct amount of current for each heat setting. You can check this yourself if you are “handy”. Buy a cheap “clamp-on” current meter from Ebay (that can measure AC current) and place it around the LIVE wire only on the supply to the Caravan. (I modified an extension lead so that I could hook around the LIVE wire only to make current measurements safely. The currents should be: 0.5A, 4A and 8A respectively.

As my currents were all correct, this suggested that my problems lay with the Thermostats on the heating element. To fix this, firstly you need to buy a “repair kit” from Ebay (or supplier of your choice). In addition to BOTH thermostats (you can’t test them, besides by the time you have managed to get to them you will WANT to replace both so you don’t have to do it all again!). Where was I? Oh yes, in addition to BOTH thermostats, you MUST replace the Gasket Seal on the Gas Flue.

PLEASE NOTE: As you need to disconnect the Gas Supply and the Gas Flue – you will need to find a handy Gas Engineer or “phone a friend”….

There is a good Video on YouTube here:

Very good Guide to replacing Truma Thermostats, but I would have liked more detail….

If you want to see the original link with comments – It is published on YouTube by “Attic Treasures”. That takes you through the job, but I would have been happier with more detail, so after you have watched the video, you can follow my article below on how I did it…

These are the little Bu****’s ! – Located BEHIND the Gas Heater!

To Be Continued…..

Adverts that follow you on websites ?

Do you have a problem that when shopping on the internet that you keep getting “pop-ups” showing other shops offering the same or similar goods ? If this is so, you have MALWARE! – You didn’t ask for this software – and you can’t easily get rid of it!
Maybe you like it – I hope so – Because it won’t go away by itself! But it can be killed – but takes some doing.
This is not the same as “Adverts” when you are playing games on your Android – This is GOOGLE following you around because you “gave them permission” – Don’t you remember ? They offered to link your account between your PC Browser (Chrome) and your Android (also from Google)…. The small print said they can hound you as much as they like… You can “REMOVE your Google Account Login from your PC”… However, as long as your Google account is active on your phone (and removing it will limit the use of your phone – no access to “PlayStore” and may other “losses”) Google will STILL hound you on your phone!
Now you can see why Google “Gives away” the Android System to phone manufactures… It’s a major advertising platform for them… Google have blocked “Advert Blockers” from PlayStore and even if you can get one by other means – it won’t work unless you “Root” (Hack) your phone !

UK Total Maintenance…. What do YOU Think?

I received and email inviting me to apply for an exclusive 12 month “contract” to service 475 rented houses in TF postcode (It would cost me £2200 for this “guaranteed” work). I would be required to carry out PAT Tests, Legionella tests, and Smoke alarm tests. UK Total Maintenance have a fancy Website offering many support services to Landlords… Have a look for their website. “UK Total Maintenance ENG Ltd”

UK Total Maintenance Eng Ltd

I did this, I also found another website (Follow this link!:)

Electrical Safety Certificates could become mandatory for all rented residential property !

Are you  a Landlord ?

Are you aware that the Government are considering introducing “Mandatory” Electrical Inspections for Rented Properties ?

You will be required to renew this every 5 years.  Currently it is only “Recommended” that you have an inspection every 5 years.  You will also be required to carry out a “Visual Inspection” of the electrical system each time you change Tenant!

More info:

5-Year Electrical Safety Checks Set for Buy to Let Homes

If you currently do NOT have an Electrical Certificate – maybe you should think about one anyway ?  What will you do if there is a fire, or someone is injured due to an electrical fault ?  What will you say to your Insurance Company ?  “The Law did NOT say I HAD to have one – so it’s not my fault”  – Do you think that will work ?

Get your property Inspected for your piece mind and the safety of your Tenants.  Call Tony Sparks Electrics.  I am registered and Insured to carry out Electrical Inspections on all Properties and issue appropriate Certificates.


Dark Nights ?

Dark nights are here again… is that 500W Floodlight eating your electricity…. Time to change it for a 30W LED flood… What you need is a reliable electrician…. Try Tony Sparks Electrics…. BTW – did you know that not only is Tony Sparks registered with NAPIT, but he is also a “British Gas Local Hero” (heard or seen the advert ?)

What does it cost to use Electricity ? What will my LED lights save me?

What does it cost to run appliances ? Will I really save money by fitting LED lights ?

OK Here is the simple explanation of what electricity really costs:
(Here comes the Science Part)

TIP: if you don’t want the Science bit – skip to the paragraph beginning with the word “NOW”

Electricity is charged in “Units” – Typical cost per unit is around £0.16p per unit (varies depending on what deal you are on check your bill to find out )
1 “Unit” = 1 Kilo-Watt-Hour (KW/hr) = 1000 Watts for 1 hour, 100 Watts for 10 hours 10 Watts for 100 hours.
So to work out the cost of running an appliance – examine it – somewhere you will find a label telling your how many Watts (or KW) it uses… then work out over time…
So a 2KW toaster will cost £0.32 per hour (2 * £0.16) (of course the toast will be well burnt after one hour!)
A 100W light will cost £0.016 (1.6p) per hour…. (£0.16 * 0.1KW)
A 10W light will cost around £0.0016 per hour (1.6P for 10 hours!)
A 13W LED give roughly the same light as a 100W bulb so:

Assuming your 13W LED bulb costs you around £9.00 (current Wickes price), this will cost:
1000 (1KW) divided by 13 = 77. So this means that it will take 1 KW/hr to run your LED for 77 hours as opposed to 10 hours for your old 100W lightbulb.
This means every 67 hours out of every 77 will be “free” electricity compared with the 100W bulb.
So every 67 hours, you save use 16p by using your 13W LED light.
It cost you 900p to buy the bulb, so you will get your money back after (900p divided by 16p) = 56 times…

Meaning that after 56 * 77 hours = 4312 hours, or 179 days, burning constantly.

NOW after 179 continual days – This bulb has paid for itself. (Whoopee!) Allow for the fact that you really only use the light for about 4 hours a day…. so that’s 179 days x 6 (24 divided by 4 = 6) so you will be saving money after 1074 days – or nearly 3 years to break even!

If you want to know what any appliance costs per hour – just take the Wattage marked on the appliance, divide 1000 by the wattage – and this gives you how many hours you can run the appliance for 1 Unit…

So example: A 50W heated towel rail = 1000 divided by 50 = 20 = It would run for 20 hours for 16p!

Eez Simples!

Come home to a warm house….

You could book an arsonist, but this would only work once….    🙂

Or you could install the latest gadgetry – Control your central heating using a “app” on your Smartphone.

These systems are not cheap – and of course – you need a “broadband” internet connection at home… but most of us “gadget” people will already have that…

If you like the idea of of remotely accessing your heating system  – having it “know” when you are coming home and warm up the house ready… being able to turn it on and off when without being there. (Landlords?)  Then contact Tony Sparks.


Want to receive “Foreign” TV Channels in HD?

Do you need help getting “Foreign” satellite channels – Polish, French, German, Romanian etc…  Tony Sparks can help.

Perhaps your children are learning French or German at School and want some practice ?

Perhaps you have a Polish lodger ?

Perhaps English is not your first language and you would like to get some TV (and radio) from home ?

It may be possible to move that old Skydish to receive these channels – otherwise Tony Sparks may be able to supply and fit a new dish.  Tony Sparks can also supply a suitable satellite receiver as well (much smaller than the sky box – and much cheaper!) .  This box cannot receive encrypted channels without an account, but can receive all Free To Air channels – all countries – subject to dish alignment.

Tony Sparks does NOT condone receiving encrypted channels without paying the official provider and we do not supply equipment to be used for this purpose.

Have you bought a new computer and need it setting up?

My background is electronics, radio and IT.  If you’ve bought a new “Internet enabled TV” or computer or tablet and you don’t know how to connect it to your home internet – Tony Sparks can help.

If you have poor WiFi signal around your house – Tony Sparks can help.

If your PC has crashed, died, been attacked by a Virus – Tony Sparks can help.