First Fit on New Build Malinslee

I carried out First Fit Electrics on a New Build House in Malinslee in 2019.

This was for Michael Jessa (or Michal Jerzy Jezza) who is a Director of:

Jessa Enterprises Limited, Defined Construction Limited, Fox London Limited, Xpression Group Limited

I was not paid for this work.

On 7th of July, 2021 in the County Court at Telford, I was successfully awarded a Count Court Judgement against “Defined Construction Limited (Michael Jessa) (A CCJ)

On 7th July, 2021, the Court ordered Defined Construction Limited to pay my Company, Impex Service Limited, the sum of £4035.84

At this moment (12 September 2021) I have still not received any settlement from Defined Construction Limited.

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